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Choose your site name

Choose your preferred site name. Normally this would be your pets name, or first and last name.  The more unique the better.  Please provide two options in case your first choice is taken.  If neither name is available we will contact you to help customize your site name. Thank you

Customise your site

Here you can choose what you want to say, and what kind of background you would like.  You can also pick up to 8 pictures and a video you may want on your webpage.  If you would like a different specific background please contact us at


Memorial Website $75.00

Add an additional 20 pictures of your pet to remember and share with friends

Add up to 4 additional videos of your pet doing it's special thing.  A great way to for friends and family to look back and remember.


If you have any issues sending photos or videos please contact us so we can help resolve any issues

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